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GRO-Four Galore

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Grandpa Ray Outdoors:

Four Galore

Annual blend of soybeans and peas. Fast growing and very
drought tolerant. Handles a variety of soil conditions including a
slightly lower pH than regular soybeans. Provides forage that will regrow after being eaten as well as pod forming soybeans for a late season energy source.

25% Conventional Soybeans

25% Lab Lab

25% Forage Soybeans

25% Cow Peas

This is a non roundup ready blend. Do not use roundup on this blend!

Planting Date: Spring  *** Soil temperature needs to be 65 degrees ***

Seeding Rate: 40-50 lbs. per acre.

Available in 12.5 lbs. and 50 lbs.


**Shipping charges to be determined upon ordering.